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last updated March 19th, 2010
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My DIY Projects

I have a confession to make: I don't spend as much time as I should on music and recording. Growing up, my list of interests was Electronics, Music, and Theater, pretty much in that order. Over time, I was drawn to where electronics and music meet, until my main focus was on recording. Eventually I was able to start developing my own studio, and that, of course, is where I got into trouble. With a studio you can disappear into all sorts of technical details, and all too often that is exactly what I have done.

The more I learn about recording and studios ("Yes, I am still learning" he said proudly), the less satisfied I become with what I have. I often cannot afford to buy the equipment and other stuff that does what I want. If I am lucky, I can modify something I have to get the features or performance I want. When I can't do that, I may get the itch to build my "dream toy" from scratch (pun not intended). Several times I have gotten into tech projects, partly because I have more time than money, and partly because, well, it's fun!

I have decided to at least partially document some of my DIY projects. I am not trying to provide complete plans as much as try to provide inspiration and the occasional "springboard for thought" to others. Maybe you, or someone like you, can learn something useful from my DIY experiences.

If you are new to DIY, you might want to start by reading my article "The DIY Dilemma". Be warned: The DIY Way is not easy. If you have the money to buy what you want ready-made, there is nothing wrong with doing so. For those of us with less money (or less sense), though, DIY projects definitely can have their rewards!

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