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last updated March 19th, 2010
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• The DIY Dilemma
• Musical Governance
• Get It Right Early
• Instrument Of Success
• A Shotgun Wedding
• Don't Fall Into That Pit
• Listen Up And Mix Right
• Mixed Up About Mastering
• Mixing And Masking
• Loud vs. Punchy
• Why You Want A DAW
• The Everything Computer
• Toys You Don't Need
• My '06 DAW
• No Laptop Needed
• The Studio Goes Where?
• DAW Build "Gotchas"
• Dealing With Latency
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Article Archive

Over the years I have written a number of articles, some for print publication and others just for the web. I decided to put all of the recording/tech articles that I wrote before before starting the Recording Geek website in their own "space" as a way to separate them from articles that I wrote specifically for this website. As "The Recording Geek", I may decide to revisit some of the topics I wrote about in the past, so you may find some duplication of subject matter in this archive. Perhaps you will find some of this material useful... At least, that is my hope.

Below is the original "Articles" page from the old website, listing the old articles in the order in which I originally put them up.


As a recording engineer and studio technician, I have learned a few things over the years. I plan to keep on learning until the day I die.  I enjoy sharing what I know.  On rare occasions I have been called in to teach, and for a while I contributed a technical column to a Detroit studio magazine called Líamour Report. It turns out that writing can be fun, too. From time to time I will write about stuff that I know (and throw in some of my opinions as well), and you will find the results here.

Naturally we have to start somewhere, so consider this:  If you are a musician or songwriter wanting to create and/or produce your own recordings, the first thing you will run up against is

The DIY Dilemma.

The music industry has been having fits about illegal copying and distribution of music. The core of this battle is the definition of just what rights music buyers have. My personal take on this is explained in

Musical Governance.

Music mixing can seem almost Magical, but it is not the only part of a project.  All of it is important, and if you want to make a great recording, my advice is to

Get It Right Early.

Digital recording has taken over, but analog technology is not going away. Like it or not, they are married in the studio. You might say it was

A Shotgun Wedding.

Part of becoming a recording professional is learning what pitfalls to avoid.  Learn a few basic rules so you

Donít Fall Into That Pit!!

Rewards require work.  There is a price to making your studio

The Instrument Of Your Success.

You have to hear what you are doing, so

Listen Up And Mix Right.

Making the most of your mixes is tough enough without getting

Mixed Up About Mastering.

To get one right, you need to understand the other:

Mixing and Masking

To make music with real impact, you need to understand this conflict:

Loud vs. Punchy

Whether itís for your first rig or your next upgrade, here is

Why You Want A DAW

Another pitfall to avoid is

The Everything Computer

You probably should not buy

Toys You Donít Need

A personal case study: the making of

My Ď06 DAW

If you are building a road rig, there is

No Laptop Needed

Once you have bought all those cool new toys, your realize...

The Studio Goes Where?

Before your next computer upgrade, learn the

DAW Build Gotchas

Avoid surprise problems by

Dealing With Latency

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