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last updated March 19th, 2010
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Ok, about me (I hereby confess that I am only one person). When I was a kid, I listed my main interests as Electronics, Music, and Theater, pretty much in that order. As a teenager I had a list of things that I wanted to do in the course of my career, and I have done most of them, although usually not in a "big time" way. I have been an electronics technician, a broadcast engineer and announcer, an actor, a studio tech (I used to tell people, "I fix recording studios when they break"), and a recording engineer. I have also done sound design and operation for a few small theater productions. I have also, just for fun, sung in a couple of choirs.

In short, if it's about sound, I am probably interested in it. Although I don't like the idea, I have begun to describe myself as semi-retired. Put another way, for the most part my time is my own, so I do pretty much what I want as long as it doesn't cost much. Lately my time has been divided mostly between writing and tinkering with and in my modest basement recording studio. Once in a great while I will do some on-location recording.

This is one of 3 websites that I have mostly been neglecting. Here I focus on sharing some of what I have learned about recording and the technology behind it. There is another site for the studio (long in need of a complete makeover), Chinese Puzzle Recording. Last, there is a site devoted to certain political ideas.

But enough about me....

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